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There are numerous websites that advertise for Tanning Salon Insurance Programs, however, the bottom line is there are only a few national insurance programs in the U.S. that are competitive and package the coverages you need.

Why fill out our online Quote Form?  The primary tanning insurance programs' providers all have different application.  If you do not like handwriting several different company applications, we will do it for you.

At our site, if you complete just our ONE Tanning Salon Quote form, we will complete all the major Tanning Insurance Programs applications FOR YOU and get quotes from all of them.  Your work is basically done after you submit our form.  We do the rest for you.

We are not limited, or "tied in" to any one insurance company.  We are an independent Agency and represent many different insurance companies.  Our job is to get you the best quote from whatever company provides it, and that is what we will present to you.

Lines of Coverage Available: General Liability, Commercial Auto, Property / Equipment, Umbrella Liability, and Workers Compensation (States are limited for Work Comp - check with us)

For more information, please contact us.

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